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Walk In Medical Diagnostic Center

Making Getting an Outpatient X-Ray Easy!

Emergency Urgent Care Walk In Medical Diagnostic Center|Urgent Care NY

The absolute easiest way to get an outpatient Xray in NYC

At Medhattan, we know how hard it can be to get outpatient X-ray in NYC on a weekend, evening or holiday. At our Emergency After Hours Urgent Care Clinic NYC we have an outstanding Medical Diagnostic Center where we offer on-site X-ray, Sonogram & EKG all conveniently under one roof,  just walk in, no referral necessary.

Expert outpatient imaging under one roof

All X Rays are read by our Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physicians as well as by a Board Certified Radiologist. You will have the results of your outpatient imaging before you leave and we are happy to make a digital copy of your results for you to keep on file or to share with your doctor.


What is Manhattan Urgent Care?

It is Walk In, After Hours Urgent Care Clinic NYC that offers Emergency Medical Care in Downtown, NYC

After Hours Urgent Care Clinic NYC | Manhattan Urgent Care

Here in Manhattan we are used to having the very best of everything, but when it comes to immediate medical care – our options have been sorely lacking…until now. Manhattan urgent care centers are great places to go when you need a same-day doctor’s appointment, or want an ER alternative for an emergency that is serious, but not life-threatening. But exactly what is urgent care?

At our emergency walk-in center you will receive unparalleled medical treatment from board-certified doctors and highly trained medical staff. From the moment you step into our beautifully appointed facility, you will experience medical care on a whole new level. Medhattan redefines Manhattan urgent care centers! We offer X Ray, labs and a host of other diagnostic tests on-site, which means most patients are in and out in an hour.