Laboratory Services

NY Urgent Care Laboratory Services

As a cutting edge NY Urgent Care Medhattan, offers on site laboratory services and walk in blood tests 360 days/year even on most holidays nights and weekends. Results may be available for you and your doctor to discuss in as little as 5 minutes. If you require medical lab tests that must be processed off site, a doctor will be sure to call you as soon as those results are back.

Some of the Laboratory services we offer at our urgent care in Manhattan:

Screening Medical Lab Tests

CBC/Anemia testing/Platelets/White Blood Count
Metabolic Panel
Electrolyte Panel
Renal Function screening
Liver Function tests
Thyroid Function tests
PT/ PTT/INR – clotting screen
Cholesterol screening (HDL, LDL, triglycerides)
Diabetes screening
Urine test for Sugar, Protein or Infection

Diagnostic Medical Lab Tests

Rapid Flu test
Rapid Strep test
Rapid HIV test
Testing for all STDs
Blood cultures
Urine and other fluid cultures
Pregnancy testing
Drug test
Prescription drug levels
Metal screenings: lead, mercury
Lyme titers

NY Urgent Care Laboratory Services

Here’s where our ny urgent care comes to the rescue, we have extended hours during the week and are open on the weekends. A board-certified doctor trained in Emergency Medicine will diagnose, prescribe and treat any number of common ailments – infections, viruses, aches and pains – as well as more serious conditions resulting from accident or injury. X-rays, wound care, stitches and casting are usually performed onsite. Diagnostic testing is usually offered, including blood tests and urinalysis.
Please remember – you don’t have to suffer through the weekend (or miss the play!) because you suspect your issue is not “urgent” enough for Urgent Care.

Medhattan is the pulse of your neighborhood and we believe: Life is short – get better quickly, get out there and enjoy it!

Medhattan: NY Urgent Care Center

Medhattan welcomes walk-in patients and accepts appointments, too!

We know It’s hard to make good decisions when you are physically vulnerable and in a state of panic. Medhattan: NY Urgent Care goes the extra mile to ensure top-notch emergency medical care in a warm, soothing environment.

Our doctors are board-certified in Emergency Medicine and they (along with the technicians and front desk staff) understand the emotional component of injury and illness as well as the physical discomfort. The entire staff strives to put you at ease.


Our lounge is stocked with fruit, snacks and flavored water for your convenience. (The receptionist might even tell you a joke…) We are the premier urgent care facility in Manhattan and our many repeat patients speaks volumes. Even if we’re not on your corner – we’re easily accessible by taxi and subway, and well worth the trip!