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Emergency Care Walk In Clinic: Meet Your Doctors

Medhattan is staffed by a handpicked group of the City’s finest ER doctors, all Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. We have built an incredible team with a shared vision and passion for medicine. The hallmarks of a Medhattan doctor are: Academic excellence, Extraordinary clinical and diagnostic skills, A gift for communication, A desire to practice medicine as it should be.

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Leslie Miller MD, FACEP

Leslie is Medhattan’s founder. She is a cum laude graduate of Harvard, a New Yorker and a mom of two. “Here in New York where one can obtain ‘boutique anything,’ there is no viable option for people to obtain immediate medical care that exceeds expectations of quality and service. That’s why we created Medhattan.”

Emergency Care Walk In Clinic

Eric Nazziola MD, MBA, FACEP


An NYU Medical School grad with an MBA from Columbia University Business School, Eric has a longstanding commitment to helping Emergency Rooms decrease wait times and improve care. He has directed and chaired several ER’s in the tri-state area.

Emergency Care Walk In Clinic

Schubert Perotte MD, FACEP


Schubert loves to say that MD stands for “Making a Difference” and he believes in “taking care of each patient as if they were my own family.” He is an officer of AHME, a non-profit that provides funding for the education of 500 children in Haiti.

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Russell Raskin MD, FACEP


From high school through medical school, Russell has been the recipient of many awards for academic excellence, including Presidential Scholar. He is Board Certified in both Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine.

Michelle Davitt MD


Michelle served as medical director of the emergency department of Montefiore Medical Center – Moses division from 2003 through 2009. Throughout her career she has held several administrative positions. She received the Teacher of the Year award in 1996 and The Do the Right Thing award in 1997.

Osman Sayan, MD, FACEP


Osman attended Princeton University and is Board Certified in both Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. In fact, he serves as a Board examiner for young doctors seeking board certification in Emergency Medicine.

Tommy Wong MD, FAAEM


While he was an undergrad at Yale, Tommy was the recipient of a 4-year ‘Yale Scholar’ Award for outstanding character and academic performance. When not at Medhattan, Tommy is the Assistant Residency Director for Emergency Medicine at St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, a position he has held for the past ten years.

Ben Kliot MD


Born and raised in Brooklyn, then attended Wesleyan University where he studied both biology and music. He went on to attend medical school at SUNY Downstate, and completed his emergency medicine residency at NY Methodist Hospital.

Marc Borenstein MD, FACEP


Marc is an esteemed physician leader who has held several chairman positions. A father of five, Marc says, “Medicine has been a calling and a life path since childhood.”

Suzanne Echemendia-Wirth MD, FACEP


A former St. Vincent’s ER doctor, Suzanne is pleased to be part of Medhattan’s efforts to offer residents of lower Manhattan a wonderful new option for their medical care. She says that the best thing about being a doctor is “being humbled every day.”

Maria Frank MD


Maria is a Yale graduate who really values an old-fashioned kind of doctor patient relationship. “I enjoy patients as people. I became a doctor to serve patients’ needs, and sometimes those needs are more than medical.”

Chris Ingram MD

Chris has over 20 years of experience in International Emergency Medicine. His work with Medecins du Monde illustrates his belief that “individual and community health is the cornerstone of human rights.

Craig Mochson MD, FACEP


Craig’s dedication to the urgent medical needs of the underserved has taken him around the globe. He has been the medical coordinator of Guyana Watch since 2003, which provides health care in rural Guyana. He was also an Emergency Medical Responder after the 9/11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina.

Stacey Murray-Taylor MD, FACEP


Stacey has a gift for making connections with both adults and children. She was honored by the Emergency Medicine students she taught when they named her “Teacher of the Year.” She also wrote a chapter in the Textbook “Pediatric Emergency Medicine.”

Nicole Bouchard MD


What Nicole loves best about Medicine: “the patients, the stories, the constant learning and being able to connect with people even though they are having a bad day.” During Medical School at McGill University in Montreal, Nicole was honored with an award for “Excellence and Empathy in Medicine” and it is her love of people that drew her away from the career she had planned in Scientific Research.