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Patient Reviews

Aw shucks. Nothing pleases us more than a happy patient. Thanks for making Medhattan Immediate Medical Care the premier Urgent Care NYC for adults and kids. Our entire staff has undergone special training with a Four Seasons Hotel concierge. We aim to make your emergency urgent care walk in visit feel like you are a guest at a boutique hotel.Just say “no” to fluorescent lights, linoleum floors and paper gowns that hang open in the back. At Medhattan, the Premier Urgent Care NYC, you will enjoy plush spa robes, healthy snacks and a lovely comforting environment where the best board certified doctors are at your service 365 days/year.But don’t take our word for it -

Nearly three weeks ago, I was in major pain, scared out of my mind while getting two toes on my right foot sewn up from an accident I had with a steel trap door. EVERY single person I encountered at Medhattan Immediate Medical Care in lower Manhattan, at 106 Liberty Street was utterly fantastic – from Marcel with the kind smile who got me into a wheelchair and told me he was there to help me, to Leslie Miller, the MD on site who was as skilled, reassuring, calm and funny (tres importante!) as she could be. I CANNOT speak highly enough of this clinic. I am utterly lucky and grateful and love that Dr. Miller high fives me when she likes what she’s seeing. These people care about their patients, and in a city where you can often feel like a number, I haven’t ONCE felt that way. If you EVER need emergency medical help when you’re in Manhattan, keep this info close. Feeling on the major road to recovery – even my crutches feel as light as air! Thanks, Medhattan!

Gwen E. / New York, NY

Amazing experience. I simply loathe going to the doctors because of i usually encounter snotty receptionists, over-worked doctors, and long waits… I’m pleased to say I found none of that here with some added bonuses. The receptionist greeted me and took care of everything right away, it also helped that I filled out all the patient forms on my ZocDoc iPhone app and made the appointment there, she had everything done – sweet girl! This place literally feels like a spa… I was then sipping on orange infused water for my 5 minute wait.

Sabrina, an awesome nurse showed me to the room and was extremely helpful and friendly. I was then promptly seen by Dr. Mochson who was very professional and kind, he didn’t rush me at all for my basic head cold. The rooms are all new and clean, relaxing and calm.

I need to get sick more often, plain and simple. This place is on point, its the doctor experience everyone has been waiting for. The fact that it’s in FiDi is only more surprising, since by default, I just hate everything around here. Telling all my coworkers to go, and my fellow yelpers! Salud!

Alison M. / ASTORIA, NY

This place seems too good to be true. When I woke up in serious pain (details omitted, thankyouverymuch), I just wanted to see a doctor as soon as possible, and trusty Yelp informed me that this was right in the neighborhood.

It’s a beautiful space and the staff (receptionist, nurse/assistant, and doctor) were all great- very friendly and patient. They take my insurance (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield), saw me within five minutes, and got me out within half an hour. I’d definitely recommend them for same-day medical care.

Emily A. / New York, NY

I can not recommend Medhattan enough! I was going through a miscarriage and was so afraid of going to an ER in NYC (due to pretty bad experiences in the past) but took my chance at Medhattan and could not have asked for better care during a horrifying situation. The check in staff and nurses were amazing and Dr. Motson (SP?) was exceptional! Amazing bedside manor and made sure I knew exactly what was happening and what my options were. I could not believe this was an ER spot due to the care and time spent with me. They went the extra mile and then some! I even got a follow up call from the Doctor him self!

Hopefully you will never need to go to the ER for this type of situation but if you do, I 100% recommend it.


Faster than an ER and more pleasant too. Dr. Leslie Miller is an amazing physician. The staff was lovely and the facility is top notch. I didn’t feel like I was in a waiting room at all.

Charmaine P. / New York, NY

Such nice staff and a very nice waiting room. Not only is this place convenient because of the easy ability to get an appointment the same day (through but Dr. Leslie Miller was the sweetest doctor I ever had, she even sat and talked to me about any concerns or questions I had. Highly would recommend this place to anyone looking for friendly and informative staff :)


Thank god for this place. I desperately needed antibiotics after a three-day weekend and choose Medhattan because it was convenient to my office and they could see me as a walk-in.

Lo and behold, one hour later, the results of my lab were in, I was given my first dose of Cipro in the office, and I walked out so thoroughly impressed by the efficiency and amazing, positive energy of this place. Highly, highly recommended.

Amber G. / Brooklyn, NY

My visit to Medhattan today was by far the best doctor’s visit I have ever had, and this is especially amazing for urgent care.

I hate going to the doctor, not because I have a fear of pain or that they’ll tell me I’m horribly sick, but just because it is always a HUGE hassle and headache to go, even just for a routine visit. Medhattan was the most pain free doctor visit of my life, and I didn’t even have an appointment.

The receptionist was incredibly nice, friendly, and helpful, and after filling out my forms I probably had to wait about 30 seconds before the nurse came to get me. I think it was a slow day, but even so they were very quick and efficient so I’m sure that helps a lot when it’s busier. They have fresh fruit infused ice water, granola bars, and fruit in the waiting area, and the whole waiting room is lovely. It even has nice soft lighting, not that harsh fluorescent glare that makes whatever problem you’re there for seem ten times worse.

The nurse and the doctor I saw while there were both great, they were easy to talk to and were very thorough when diagnosing my issue. The patient room was really clean, modern, and probably as pleasant to be in as that sort of place can be. If you need a same day doctor’s appointment, I HIGHLY recommend Medhattan Urgent Care, I almost wish they weren’t urgent so I could go back again!

Jennifer C. / New York, NY

They are so nice. Doctors were on top of my illness and called me in next day to follow up – even took the time to explain my chest x-rays. Definitely will be my go-to urgent care facility from now on.

Erika B. / Brooklyn, NY

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Not all urgent care centers in NYC are created equal. But there’s a reason Medhattan is the premier urgent care center in Manhattan. It’s because we strive to anticipate our patient’s every need and to exceed expectations every time.

Dr. Leslie Miller was personable, professional, and thorough. I 100% recommend going to her. She is informative, inquisitive, concerned, and very present during your visit. The entire Medhattan experience was pleasant. The assistant was friendly and helpful and the med tech (Marcel — a riot!) was professional and friendly. The waiting area is spa-like and very clean, as are the examining rooms. Medhattan is the perfect alternative to an ER or traditional urgent care.

Jan A.

Leslie Miller was great to me. She asked me what she could do to make my stay comfortable and she did that. She also explained my situation to me in a manner that made me understand it, and she reassured me I would be okay. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor.

Chinwe U.

All of the doctor’s at MedHattan are AMAZING. They are unbelievable thorough, use cutting-edge machines, and often give you your first dose right there! Also, the place is beautifully decorated with cucumber water and free snacks. You feel more like you’re in a spa than a doctor’s office!

Valerie K

Was very fast and listened to everything I had to say. Gave a several options for a specialist. Very clean office and friendly staff. Would go back!

Shelley G.

I saw Dr. Perotte so this review pertains to him. Very professional, thorough and friendly with fabulous assistants-the gentleman at the desk was warm and helpful and the woman who did my x-ray was so wonderful I was hoping she was single as I have 2 eligible sons. Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Stephen M.

That was the quickest appointment I’ve had at a doctor’s office in a long time. Dr. Miller is really friendly, really knowledgeable and answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly.

Jessica O.

She was super professional and helpful! I felt very comfortable with her as soon as we began talking and she was very thorough in her recommendations.

Sydney L.

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Our doctors have chosen to work at Medhattan over any of the other urgent care centers in NYC because we don’t let hospitals or insurance companies dictate how we take care of our patients.

Medhattan was amazing. I fell in NYC on vacation and my ankle was the size of a softball. I could barely walk. I didn’t want to brave the NYC ER’s and it was a Sunday. luckily I found Medhattan on google and went there in the morning. I was seen right away, they billed my insurance, they took x-rays, got me bandaged up and on my way. Their staff were super nice and helpful. I was in and out in under 45 minutes and I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip. If something happens to you in the city, go to Medhattan.

Emily von Werlhof

It was the most amazing experience. I was very ill and had to come right away. When I got in it was so tranquil. Someone took my coat, asked if I wanted tea, coffee, water. They had fruit set out. The environment was done in warm colors – very soothing. usually when i go to urgent care the stress of being there makes it worse. But this was amazing. And then the care from Dr. Leslie was outstanding. She was able to find out right away if it is strep. And you can tell she really cares about you. She makes you feel like you are her only patient that day. She gave me some advice on eating, etc. to help get better. They take regular appointments as well so I will be switchng my regular appointment to this facility. And using my insurance it was the same cost. I can’t say enough good things about the clinic. I don’t like beng sick, but the next time I know I will not dred and put off going to the doctor’s.

A Google User

Dr. Miller and staff were absolutely wonderful! I was able to make a same day appointment and didn’t even have to wait long once I was there. The doctor was very caring and really took the time to listen to me and answer my questions. I would highly recommend coming here. The facility is very nice as well!

A Google User

Outstanding care at an outstanding facility. I arrived at Medhattan so sick I could barely walk. I was treated with compassion and humanity by an extremely skilled physician, Dr. Leslie Miller, who ensured that I left Medhattan with answers as to what was wrong. I would recommend her clinic to anyone looking for urgent care. You will not be disappointed.

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At our Manhattan urgent care, we bring together the finest doctors, the convenience and affordability you need and a host of unanticipated amenities that contribute to what we call the TLC factor.