What is Manhattan Urgent Care?

What is Manhattan Urgent Care? Walk In Emergency Medical Care NYC

Walk In Emergency Medical Care NYC | Manhattan Urgent Care

Walk In Emergency Medical Care NYC | Manhattan Urgent Care

Here in Manhattan we are used to having the very best of everything, but when it comes to immediate medical care – our options have been sorely lacking…until now. Manhattan urgent care centers are great places to go when you need a same-day doctor’s appointment, or want an ER alternative for an emergency that is serious, but not life-threatening. But exactly what is urgent care?


At our emergency walk-in center you will receive unparalleled medical treatment from board-certified doctors and highly trained medical staff. From the moment you step into our beautifully appointed facility, you will experience medical care on a whole new level. Medhattan redefines Manhattan urgent care centers! We offer X Ray, labs and a host of other diagnostic tests on-site, which means most patients are in and out in an hour.

We are here to treat you or your kids when:

  • You were about to head out to the airport but you just cut your hand and it needs stitches.
  • Your child has a terrible earache, and it’s Saturday morning.
  • Your son’s camp form is due and you forgot to get him a physical.
  • You think you might have strep throat, and it’s 7pm.
  • You’re dehydrated from your stomach flu and think you need IV fluids.
  • It might be an STD and you need to know now.
  • You are traveling abroad and need travel vaccinations immediately.