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Blood Test NYC ~ How Much Blood Sugar Testing Is Too Much?

Blood Sugar Testing: How Much Is Too Much?

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Our cutting edge laboratory services offer almost every blood test nyc and more importantly, quick results often times with no wait time. As we all know, it used to be that unless your blood sugar was above the normal cut off for diabetes, you didn’t have to worry about your blood sugar levels. However, new research is suggesting that even high normal blood sugar on your annual physical exam can cause serious problems.
 blood test nyc | lab work nyc | urgent care nyc

Various studies in the past have shown that high sugar levels for prolonged periods of time have a clear link with brain shrinkage and dementia even in people with high normal blood levels of sugar.

These new results stress the importance of regular blood sugar testing, especially to those who have had high normal or borderline blood sugars in the past. The newest research shows evidence that those individuals who maintained high blood sugar levels displayed more brain atrophy and noticeable shrinkage in the hippocampus and the amygdala. These areas of the brain are involved in cognitive functioning and memory.
These new findings underline the importance of monitoring blood level content via a simple walk in blood test and stabilizing blood sugar levels, even for those who may not have previously thought to be in danger. To get your blood sugar tested or whenever you need urgent care in Manhattan, visit Medhattan Immediate Medical Care in the Financial District.
As a cutting edge NY Urgent Care Medhattan, offers on site laboratory services and walk in blood test nyc, nearly 360 days/year even on most holidays nights and weekends. Results may be available for you and your doctor to discuss in as little as 5 minutes. If you require medical lab tests that must be processed off site, a doctor will be sure to call you as soon as those results are back.

blood test nyc
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